Officers, Executive Committee and Subcommittees

Founder Trustee Dr. Brian H. Burne

President Dr. Elizabeth Green (England)
Vice President Mrs. Ruth Paradice (Wales)
Treasurer Dr. Paula McAlinden (Northern Ireland)
Hon. Secretary Mrs. Rosemary O’Connell (Ireland)

Executive Committee
Dr. Andrew Chew (England)
Dr. Fiona Corr (Northern Ireland)
Dr. Tim Ferguson (Wales)
Dr. Patricia Jackson (Scotland)
Ms. Catherine O’Connor  (Ireland)
Dr. Ngosi Oluonye (England)
Dr. Chinwe Osuchukwu (England)

Co-opted 2013
Ms. Karen Gee (Tasmania)
Mr. Michael Gee (Tasmania)


Conference Subcommittee:
Dr. Ngozi Oluonye
Dr. Chinwe Osuchukwu

Training Subcommittee:
Dr. Patricia Jackson (Chair)
Dr. Tim Ferguson
Dr. Varsha Sadavarte
Dr. H.M.A. Ahmed
Dr. Emi Okamoto (co-opted)
Dr. Ide Ojo (co-opted)

Tutor Representative: To be elected in November 2014

IT Website Subcommittee:
Dr. Emi Okamoto (Chair)
Dr. Elizabeth Green
Dr. Andrew Chew

Equipment Subcommittee:
Dr. Paula McAlinden (Chair)

Research and Restandardisation Subcommittee:
President ex officio,
Hon Sec ex officio,
Professor Louise Stroud
Dr. Denise Challis
Dr. Enitan Ogundipe
Dr. Andrew Chew
Dr. Paula McAlinden
Mrs. Hilary Lane
Dr. Sue Bloomfield
Mr. Mike Davis, Hogrefe (Co-opted)